Squash & Carrot Soup with Air Fried Brussel Sprouts

Feeling the Fall spirit yet? Are you feeling the fall vibes like me? I’m all about the pumpkin candles and fall decor at home. I’m also one of those people who imediately starts to decorate with the kids once the 1st leaf hits the ground outside. I feel like it’s such a short period of time so I have to make the most of it!

I’m craving soups a lot now because the weather is getting crisp. I’m going to link my video for my super easy Squash & Carrot Soup recipe. It’s extremely healthy, nutritious & hearty. It’s oil & salt free as well! I’ve cut oil out of my diet because its just empty calories and unneccessary in my option. I can instead eat way more beneficial food throughout the day! I’m totally down for more food! I also made super simple air fried Brussel Sprouts in the air fryer. Yes those are oil free too! Crispy and seasoned to perfection! I suggest adding more seasoning than you think you need to these babies. They need that extra seasoning and they will turn out great. Even of your not oil & salt free I think you should check these simple healthy recipes out anyway. Even if you add a few of these healthier recipes to your diet from time to time your body will benefit tremendously.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and listening to me ramble. Please connect with me on IG as well. My handle is @VeganMommyDee. I’m always posting healthy foodie options and meals on there. Also please support me by Subscribing to my YouTube channel! I appreciate each and every one of you. Please share my videos with whoever you think would benefit from them.

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