Stay On The Healthy & Fit Train all Summer! 

The Summer can be a very busy time for most people. If your a parent then the kids are off school and your usually in a rush while entertaining them on the go. It can also get busy because of all the family & friend get togethers that usually happen quite often during the summer. All the temptation of goodies with either overwhelm you or you will arm your self with other options. Hopefully you can motivate yourself to not take too many steps backwards & stay on the HEALTHY and FIT TRAIN despite all that’s going on around you! 
Its so important to start your day off on a good note. That means providing your body with the nutrients it needs! Eat a healthy breakfast or drink a nutritious shake. This will set the tone for your day. Start your day off drinking lots of water as well. Starting your day off on a positive note will encourage you to make healthy choices later on during the day! 
Prepare your workout for the day according to what your plans are. Use an app to keep it organized, your notes or even an old school book like me to jot down new workouts or exercises you wanna try. If it’s an outdoor play day with the kids then plan an outdoor workout that you can accomplish. Walking is also great when you simply can’t fit in anything as well. This is why having the Beachbody In Demand is wonderful because you can use it right on your phone, tablet or computer anywhere you are! 
Plan your snacks and food as much as possible! If that’s not possible know where you will be and find out healthier options available for you. 
Here’s the wonderful thing about summer … you will get opportunities to stay active that only this season will provide. How about playing on the beach and running around with your kids in the sand. That’s a great workout! Plan fun games with your kids or nieces and nephews which will keep you active outdoors! Take a long hike with a friend and enjoy nature! The list is endless, so just enjoy it. You may not get your typical workout in because your on the go but you will get a chance to step out of the box and find new fitness options which are equally great!