Chickpea & Herb Summer Salad

I’m hanging on to Summer until the very end! It’s too short! I also love how we tend to crave simpler food dishes during the summer. I’m loving cold chickpea and herb salads these during these summer days. Simple and healthy! I’ll be sharing one of my latest simple summer salads in today’s post. A few people messaged me asking for the recipe so I’ll just post it here for everyone. It’s so super easy and takes very little time to make.

Chickpea & Herb Summer Salad


  • 1 can of Chickpeas

  • 1 cup of parsley, chopped

  • 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes cut in half

  • 1 tbsp hemp hearts

  • 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Drizzle of Olive oil

  • Salt & Pepper

  • 1 tbsp of minced garlic or you can use garlic powder as an alternative

  • 1 bell pepper, chopped

  • 2 cups of Fresh Spinach

  • Method:

    1. Drain and rinse your chickpeas

      Add them into a large bowl

      Chop up your parsley, garlic, tomatoes and bell pepper

      Toss the chopped ingredients into the bowl except the parsley

      Toss in the Apple Cider Vinegar and drizzle in some olive oil as well.

      Mix the ingredients well

      Add in the parsley and fresh spinach to the salad

      Season your salad with Salt and Pepper

      Give the salad another toss

      Sprinkle the hemp heats onto the salad and serve!


    * This Salad can be made ahead and stored in the fridge. The longer it sits in the fridge the better it tastes. I suggest you only add the spinach in before serving however. It will get too wilted otherwise. I add my spinach in the morning before leaving for work if I’m taking it for lunch. Adjust the dressing measurements to your desire. If your oil free you can totally skip it in this recipe. I’ve eaten it oil free many times and it’s still great. *

    Have a wonderful day everyone!


    Trust The Energy

    Do you trust the energy you feel? Do you tune into how a person or place makes you feel?

    Have you ever met someone and instantly knew you were meant to be friends? Maybe you felt like you knew them or that something about them was familiar as well. Sometimes we meet people and just know we had a soul contract together and we were meant to cross paths.

    Have you ever met someone where their energy didn’t feel good? Perhaps they’re in a angry place in their lives and the energy they are projecting is far from positive unfortunately.

    Anyway you look at at either the vibes and energy will make you feel good or they will affect you negatively.

    I had another interesting situation arise this week. I was on the subway platform waiting for the train after work. The train stopped and I was about to get into the subway cart. That’s when I got this sick feeling. I also felt like I was unable to breathe properly. It felt like a weight was in my chest all of a sudden. I knew at that moment I couldn’t get into that train. People were annoyed with me for holding them up so I quickly stepped aside and started walking down the track. Once I passed that subway cart I felt better. I entered the next cart over and immediately felt much better.

    If this was years ago I would have thought I was going crazy. I’ve learned over the years that I’m an empath and I’ve imbraced it.

    I’m glad that I don’t question things anymore. I now trust myself and know I’m feeling something for a good reason. Why I feel this way will unveil itself so I understand. It did on that subway ride too. Many stops later along my route home on the train I saw someone exit the cart next to mine who I knew well. She is the reason I couldn’t get in that cart. She is a part of my past that I never want to bring forth into the present. Had I walked into that subway cart I would have had an extremely negative situation and it would have been draining.

    Either it was my spirit guide not allowing me on that subway cart to protect me or just the rush of energy I received that stopped me. Either way I’m thankful.

    Trust how you feel. Trust the energy you feel in all situations. We can all feel it. Some people are more aware and effected by it like myself. Some people say go with your gut feelings. Yes! Absolutely! That’s your soul guiding you in this lifetime.

    Don’t allow energy vampires to stay in your circle. They will deplete you and no relationship is worth that. Stick with those that make you feel good, energizing and happy. The more of those types of people you surround yourself with the higher your vibration will be. You will continue to draw more of those amazing positive vibed individuals into your life as well. It’s actually pretty magical! Truly live in a good vibes only zone and life will become more than you every dreamed was possible.

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Stay true to yourself and remember to do something everyday that makes your soul sing. That can be a walk in nature or a coffee alone while reading a great book. We all need a little recharge! Love yourself because you truly are amazing!

    Namaste 💓

    ~ Debbie

    Deep Breathing Practice

    Life has us breezing through our days at top speed these days! We feel anxious and irritable and can’t seem to shake it at times. I feel like we don’t even know how to breath properly anymore! We don’t even take full breaths because of our rushed state of being.It’s import to be mindful of our breathing and implement techniques that will aid us in returning us back to our natural state.

    Why is it important to be mindful of your breathing?

    Deep breathing expands your lungs, sends a message to your heart and then it starts to actually beat slower. A slower heart rate calms your entire nervous system!

    Observe your breath and get to know how to improve it. Are you shallow breathing? Holding your breath at times perhaps? Improper breathing can cause us to feel agitated, stressed, tired and annoyed easily. We need to recognize when we’re feeling off and implement deep breathing belly exercises to improve our health and wellness.

    Here is a simple deep breathing / belly breathing exercise I implement into my lifestyle. It’s easy to do and you can do it anywhere. Yes you can even do this exercise in your car! Providing your seats are in fact comfortable that is!

    Sit in a comfortable position or you can do this exercise laying down. If I’m home I like to lay down on my yoga mat or sit on my meditation pillow. Anywhere you find comfortable is totally fine.

    Place your hands on your belly or one hand in the middle of your chest and one on your belly. Whichever you prefer is fine. You will feel more connected to your breathing when you feel you hands rising and falling with every inhale and exhale.

    Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Take a deep breath through your nose. Release it by breathing out through your mouth. Repeat at least 3 – 4 times. Continue for as long as you like.

    Once you feel like you got the hang of deep breathing you can try implementing the 4-7-8 technique into your practice. Sounds complicated? Nope, not at all! It will just further your deep breathing practice and keep you focused.

    Inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds and release your breath through your mouth for 8 seconds.

    It’s amazing how such a simple technique can improve your wellbeing so much. I’m a true believer that it’s the small healthy habits and rituals we do that impact us the greatest.

    Make it a point to be mindful of your breathing and try including these easy exercises into your day. It takes very little time out of your day and once you get used to it it will become a healthy habit!

    Drop me a comment below and let me know how you feel after trying the breathing exercises out.

    I’ve also attached an affirmation below that I feel might be helpful to you as well. I hope everyone has a fantastic love filled day! Namaste 💓

    The Universe is trying to tell us something!

    Everyday the Universe is sending us messages and signs. It’s up to us to act upon or reflect on them. Think about all the times you were shown in different ways signs. Maybe it was something which you felt had to be done, a place you felt you had to go to, a person you had to call or an item you needed to purchase. There is always a reason for everything and nothing is a coincidence.

    Pictured above is a little canvas I bought today. It’s new home is my home office nook upon my desk. I’m all about Tribe building and creating a community of like minded people at this time in my life.

    I literally saw this canvas on three separate shopping trips in completely random places in the store. I thought it was kinda cool seeing it the first time. I liked what was printed on it but decided I didn’t need it. I’m trying to cut down on buying unnecessary items these days. On this first shopping trip this canvas was in the small appliance area. Weird I know. I guess it was left there by someone second guessing it, followed their gut and left it behind.

    On the second visit it was in the home decor area. I thought it was nice seeing it again even though some time had passed. I admired it and it’s message but still left it behind.

    On the third occasion I found it because I took a short cut through the store to the craft supplies area. I walked by a clearance rack. There it was again! I literally stopped in my tracks. ” Ok Universe I’m listening now! I will take it home with me today.” It’s meant to be mine and it’s message is exactly what I’ve been doing. It’s now happily in my work and study space.

    I don’t know why I question signs sometimes. This is a reminder to me to just be open to the daily signs that come forth and reflect on them. What are they trying to tell me? What am I meant to be doing?

    What’s your take on universal messages? I’d love to hear any of your experiences in the comments below!

    It’s Water Challenge Time!

    I posted a simple water Challenge on my FB page in order to encourage others to stay hydrated. My hope is that it helps others and reminds them to drink up and get at least the minimum your body requires daily.

    I myself drink 3 L of water per day because for me that’s how much I need to feel at my optimal health. If I drink less then I sometimes get a headache, my mind is foggy, irritable and my energy level is terribly low.

    How much water each individual person requires will vary because of things like your weight and activity level. If your a coffee drinker then it dehydrates you as well. You then have to drink more water to replenish the body. This is part of the reason why I drink a lot of water. I can’t give up my coffee, sorry!

    Follow my super simple Water challenge below and modify as needed. I also think the Notes or Reminder app’s on our phone is a great to remind us to drink more water. If you use your Notes app you can checkmark the glasses as you enjoy them. The reminders app will go off as an alarm at specific times to get you drinking until you’ve accomplished your goals.

    Now that we’re enjoying summer weather in my neck of the woods it’s pretty easy to drink above and beyond what’s minimally required. As we enjoy this beautiful weather our bodies will need more water and we really need to be cautious of becoming dehydrated.

    If your not a huge water fan the mom in me wants to say tough and you will get used to it. Your health comes first. I will also add these easy tips however. Add lemon, cucumber slices, berries or fresh mint to naturally flavour your water. Just don’t ever drink those packaged water flavourings that are loaded with sugar and chemicals! Use real food to flavour your water if need be.

    Good luck with the Water Challenge everyone! Let me know if you’ve increased your water intake and any tips you have.

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend everyone!

    Veg Fest Plant Based Party!

    Today is my birthday and it’s also Veg Fest in my local community! How awesome is that?! Yep I can celebrate with vegan grub, spend time with the family and meet new people within our plant based community! I wasn’t expecting much because I didn’t think the plant based community was so large in my neck of the woods to be honest. I was pleasantly surprised however! Either our plant based community has grown tremendously or some people went because they are trying to learn more and maybe adopt a new healthier way of living. Either way I’m super happy to see such a great turn out!

    People are trying to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. Many people are looking to adopt new healthy ways of eating and living. I say any changes that will better your health and wellness no matter how small are a wonderful thing. It’s all the small changes that we make which make a tremendous difference to our wellness rather quickly.

    I picked up new Vegan t-shirts for the baby because he’s outgrown all his other ones. His Birthday is next week so that will be a part of his gift. I can’t wait to see him wearing them! The hubby also bought me a new tank top which I absolutely love as well!

    So what did we eat while at Veg Fest? Burgers!!! Let’s be real here … Its all about the Vegan food! The vegan burgers were delicious and super filling too! My 11 year old had strawberry gelato which was out of this world. We also enjoyed samples of cookies and energy bites which was great.

    This was our 1st Veg Fest of 2018 and it’s a great start! We have two large ones coming up this summer in downtown Toronto which I’m totally looking forward to! Last year we were away in Portugal for a large part of the summer so we missed them.

    Let me know in the comments below if your local community does a Veg Fest as well and what you love the most about them.

    I have to say this was a perfect birthday! I’m thankful for such an amazing family who made my day so enjoyable!

    I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Thanks for taking the time to take a peek at my blog. Please connect with me across social media as well!

    ~ Peace, Love & Health to my amazing Health Tribe ~

    Simple Strategies To Get More Done!

    Have you noticed how everyone is in super speed mode pretty much all of the time these days?

    Everything has to get done on their Do Do List and it also has to be done perfectly. We feel like if we can’t get the huge list of things to do accomplished then surely something is wrong with us.

    Studies have shown that we truly aren’t even breathing properly because of our rushed state of being. I feel like all we’re doing is making ourselves sick as well as creating a hectic environment around us for others.

    If we sit down and really take a good look at our To Do List ,then we would see that not everything on our list has to be done right now. Let’s be real some things can wait! Prioritize properly and everything will get done.

    So how do we figure out what’s most important and what should be priority? I’ve just implemented new strategies to help me stay focused and get me out of the frazzled state. Here are two easy ways we can organize our endless lists of important things to do daily or weekly.

    1. Bullet Notes on your phone in your app.

    2. Old School Date Book/Planner.

    Yep bust out the old school Date Book/ Planner and write everything that’s important for the week. Then from that figure out what needs to be done daily to bring you closer to your goals. I’ve started using one and I love it! I organize things like bill payments and special activities or events that are coming up.

    I use my bullet notes most often in my phone. I love how easy it is to add things to your daily list on the go! You check them off as you get things done and it gives you a clear idea of what still needs to be done without totally overwhelming you.

    Along with your organizing tools here is another big tip that will help you accomplish your To Do List. Asking for help is the hardest thing ever for some people, myself included. I’m also so used to doing everything on my own which makes it difficult to honestly remember that I have people around me now that can help. My kids are older and better able to lend a hand and I have an amazing supportive partner. Guess what though? They aren’t psychic. I need to actually tell them I need a hand with things and delegate tasks to them. Not everything is as obvious to others as it is to you is what I’ve learned.

    The thing is that we can do anything but we can’t do everything! We can accomplish everything we set out to do but we can’t do it all at the same time. We have to break tasks down and organize them accordingly. You will actually get way more done by slowing down and making notes. If you keep it all in your head like I used to, we easily get overwhelmed and scatterbrained. Less gets accomplished when we put ourselves in this state.

    I’m in the process of moving to a bigger house and I’m going to look for another item which will organize our lives even more. I’m looking for a big dry/erase board so we can write what’s on the calendar weekly in the kitchen or entry area. Various things can be written down like Mom & Dads work schedules, shopping lists, kids tests etc. Comment down below this post if you know of good stores which might have what I’m looking for. I appreciate your input!

    My three oldest kids have small weekly dry/erase boards in their room and they use these to keep my work schedule on and they add other important events as well. I work days, afternoons, and some weekends, 8 & 12 hour shifts which change weekly. This is Hospital life and it’s become the norm for my children. The kids can better prepare themselves for the week when they know my work schedule.

    Let me know what helps you stay on track and organized. Let’s share tips so we can all breathe a litter easier while get things done. Happy Monday and I hope you have a fantastically productive week!

    Connect with me across social media too! @ VeganMommyDee on IG, Twitter and YouTube! VMD Health & Fitness on FB.