What I Eat in a Day!

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Life is Short so Live it Up!

I used to be afraid of change until I realized that you miss out on too many opportunities living this way. I didn’t feel like I was smart enough or capable of going for these goals I wanted to accomplish. I felt like taking risks and going for new opportunities or goals was unacceptable as a parent because it was too risky. The problem with this way of thinking I learned is that your children start to have limiting beliefs about themselves as well as they observe our behaviors.

The people we surround ourselves with influence our decisions and either become our cheer leaders or our obstacle stopping us from our goals. I believe that was one of the reasons why I didn’t go for it and jump into new challenges. My former partner made sure I knew how little I could do on my own. He made me feel insignificant and small. He also made sure I had lots of obstacles ahead of me so that I would surely decide I couldn’t set my goals.

I hit a point where all of a sudden I had enough of the negative talk and energy around me. I decided to start my fitness journey and also go back to school part time. I was made to feel guilty about not being the best stay at home mom I could be anymore. I now had to focus a lot of it time to these new life challenges and goals I had set in place for myself. I put up with the negative talk but kept pushing through. I believed that both of my new goals would one day benefit my children and everything would be worth it in the end.

I waited too long perhaps to finally set my self free. There will never be a perfect time or situation so you just have to go for it. When your gut feeling tells you its time o start a new chapter then that means it’s the perfect time.

Life is short and yet we create all these rules upon ourselves and limitations. What’s the worst thing that could happen to you if you peruse something and it doesn’t work out like you imagined? You still learned from this experience and you will never live with the regret of not trying.

My cousin who was also my best friend passed away suddenly of Cancer years ago and it was a wake up call for me in so many ways. I finally saw how little time we have on this earth in this lifetime. Why are we wasting time living at a standstill when we can truly be living beyond our dreams? Taking those risks, trying new things setting those goals, and saying YES to those amazing life experiences when they come our way!

I say lets make 2019 a year where we set our worries and limiting beliefs aside. Let’s strive to learn and experience more! We are truly capable of living a magnificent life if we only allow ourselves to.

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I will leave you with these affirmations that will be helpful in reminding you that your amazing and special!

The 10 Foods I buy Every Week …

I get often get asked what my top foods that I buy are. I decided to make a little video showing you just that. These are staple foods that I buy every single week without fail. I buy organic as much as possible in order to minimize our exposure to unnecessary toxins as well.

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Organic Food at your Doorstep!

Hi everyone! This is my 1st post in 2019! Kinda late I know! Life has been super busy and I apologize.

We’ve had a couple storms and a lovely day full of freezing rain in my neck of the woods. Ugh. When is Winter over???! I’m so ready for the warm weather and most importantly my veggie garden! I truly miss picking fresh veggies from the backyard.

This year my veggie garden will be at my parents house because we moved and since this isn’t a long term home I will not be making a garden here. The great part is that my parents house is only a 5 minute drive away so my veggies will still be close by! Hooray!

I came across an Organic Food delivery service in my Community last month. What a way to start the new year! You can customize your order and pick what package suits your needs which is great. Apparently you can even substitute certain veggies or fruits as well. You can also customize how often you want your delivery to come too. I set it up to come every 2 weeks. So far that’s been working well for me. I know some people who prefer getting a weekly delivery and love how convenient it is.

I choose the Local Harvest as my delivery option because I really want to eat what is in season currently. They have a variety of options however.
I love receiving my fresh local Organic produce bag and now look forward to it coming. We can see online what will be coming too which is great.

I absolutely love the fact that I’m supporting a local business and family farm. Its win-win in my opinion. I get the much needed healthy food and I can also support my local community at the same time.

Do you subscribe to a food delivery service as well? If so let me know your thoughts on it below in the comments.

I made a YouTube video of my 1st Organic Food Haul which I will post below.
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Healthy Energy Balls!

Good morning everyone!

I just wanted to share my easy to make Energy Ball recipe with you all! I’ll include the link to the video below as well.

I love having easy to whip up snacks handy! Especially now during the holiday season! We’re in a rushed state between shopping, holiday gatherings and our usual daily hustle. Its easy to reach for unhealthy snack options during this time. Keep staple ingredients at home so you can create healthier options in no time at all. The temptations will be there by the truck load. Its fine to indulge with loved ones on homemade goodies but lets try and create some balance.

Here is a super easy to make recipe for Energy Balls. Take something like this with you to holiday get togethers or just keep them in your fridge in case you need a treat to serve people. You don’t even have to bake these delicious Energy Balls! I told you this takes no time at all!

The recipe is in the link below … Enjoy! šŸ˜€

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Have a wonderful week!!! Let’s work towards a healthier more vibrant version of ourselves!

Mini Wellness Moments

Are you on a wellness journey but feel overwhelmed by all the challenges? Iā€™m a true believer that small changes are the way to go. Simple changes in your lifestyle are sustainable. Eventually these small changes become the norm for you and a part of your routine.

People ask me all the time how I find the time to keep health and wellness in my daily routine. Honestly some days feel like a fail. If I really sit down and think about it those days aren’t nearly as bad as how my mind is telling me it is. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Everything big or small is a wellness victory!

It’s important to create time for wellness moments throughout your day. You don’t have to commit to an hour of working out or 30 minutes of meditation. Sometimes these larger blocks of time create a stressful mindset and more often than not your going to abandon the idea all together. Instead think about smaller 5-10 minute blocks of time. That’s totally realistic and your mindset will reset back to the positive zone!

Iā€™m a mom of five and Iā€™m able to create these small pockets of time because I can always find 5 minutes to spare a few times a day. I released the idea that if I didn’t have an hour to commit to something then I shouldn’t bother. When time allows then heck ya I’m going to meditate for 20 minutes or read a couple chapters of a good book for a half hour. I’m no longer going to stress about not being able to however. I always have my re-energizing 5 minute time blocks to get me through the day at least!

What does a 5 minute time block look like you might ask? Well for me its using my meditation app and doing a quick mini meditation a few times a day. It’s also time where I get to stop what I’m doing and listen to a favourite podcast for 10 minutes. I love to get out of the house and grab a coffee and sit and enjoy it while listening to a podcast sometimes.

Those small time blocks can be your time to put a well deserved face mask on, start a journal writing practice, create helpful mantras, paint your nails,do your hair, call a friend, get crafty, create a new playlist or practice yoga.

When the weather is good I take daily walks. That ability to connect to nature is a sanity saver that I never take for granted! I enjoy picking my home grown veggies and tending to my vegetable garden as well. That’s my time alone to relax, regroup and again connect with nature. That’s so important to me!

As I write this it’s already a winter wonderland outside and I’m not a fan! Connecting with nature outdoors hasn’t been possible so instead I’m enjoying new house plants instead. I admire them at my bay window while I sip on my morning coffee. It’s these little things that are making all the difference for me in my life!

Find what works for you and make an effort to include it in your life as much as possible.

Let me know in the comments below what your doing in your small time blocks? I’d love to hear what wonderful health and wellness practices your squeezing into your day!

Chickpea & Herb Summer Salad

I’m hanging on to Summer until the very end! It’s too short! I also love how we tend to crave simpler food dishes during the summer. I’m loving cold chickpea and herb salads these during these summer days. Simple and healthy! I’ll be sharing one of my latest simple summer salads in today’s post. A few people messaged me asking for the recipe so I’ll just post it here for everyone. It’s so super easy and takes very little time to make.

Chickpea & Herb Summer Salad


  • 1 can of Chickpeas

  • 1 cup of parsley, chopped

  • 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes cut in half

  • 1 tbsp hemp hearts

  • 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Drizzle of Olive oil

  • Salt & Pepper

  • 1 tbsp of minced garlic or you can use garlic powder as an alternative

  • 1 bell pepper, chopped

  • 2 cups of Fresh Spinach

  • Method:

    1. Drain and rinse your chickpeas

      Add them into a large bowl

      Chop up your parsley, garlic, tomatoes and bell pepper

      Toss the chopped ingredients into the bowl except the parsley

      Toss in the Apple Cider Vinegar and drizzle in some olive oil as well.

      Mix the ingredients well

      Add in the parsley and fresh spinach to the salad

      Season your salad with Salt and Pepper

      Give the salad another toss

      Sprinkle the hemp heats onto the salad and serve!


    * This Salad can be made ahead and stored in the fridge. The longer it sits in the fridge the better it tastes. I suggest you only add the spinach in before serving however. It will get too wilted otherwise. I add my spinach in the morning before leaving for work if I’m taking it for lunch. Adjust the dressing measurements to your desire. If your oil free you can totally skip it in this recipe. I’ve eaten it oil free many times and it’s still great. *

    Have a wonderful day everyone!