Veggie Garden Love

I’m enjoying my veggie garden and it’s abundance this year more than ever. With COVID-19 happening I still only shop when necessary. I love being able to grow my own veggies so I don’t have to buy as much produce at the grocery store. Being able to just walk outside and pick my own veggies is the best feeling ever!

I also love how fresh my home grown produce is. Honestly it even tastes better! Currently I’m obsessed about how my Green peppers taste. I feel so grateful to be able to grow these healthy foods. I feel so energetic and happy during this time of year. It’s probably because of a combination of things I’m sure. I eat even healthier, fresher and more organic food than other times of year for starters. I feel way more active as I’m busy gardening and taking a couple long walks daily. The amount of vitamin D I’m also getting daily makes a huge difference in my wellness.

The weather this time of year is phenomenal and I’m truly reaping the benefits!
If you feel you can’t garden because you don’t have much space then I reccomend container gardening. It’s a great option because even the smallest spaces can accommodate a container or two. You can plant a variety of greens, bell peppers, herbs or tomatoes in containers easily. With a little thought and help of apps like Pinterest you can come up with many small space gardening ideas. I myself do half of my gardening in containers. This provides me with more options to grow much more. Plus I find that my herbs grow better in containers. Its also easier to deal with pesty weeds when you container garden.

Here is a peek at my vegetable garden this year. I kept getting asked to do a video showing what I’m growing this year so here it is! I’m growing kale, bell peppers, collards, basil, oregano, parsley, green onion, tomatoes, saffron, baby kale and lettuce this year.

Let me know what’s growing in your garden this year! I love hearing about what healthy goodies you guys are growing as well.
If you haven’t already Subscribed to my YouTube channel please consider doing so. I have loads of healthy quick recipes coming up on the channel this month! Thanks for your support!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Health, Joy & Positive Vibes,

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