Crazy Easy Granola!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a super easy and fast to throw together granola recipe with you all.

I like to keep granola on hand so I can eat it as a healthy cereal or toss it onto my coconut yogurt. We even added it to our vegan vanilla ice cream tonight! It was so good!

You can add any nuts you have on hand as well as dry fruit to the granola. I like using cranberries because I always have them in my house. Homemade granola is so easy to make and you can try so many different types of combinations.

Some people like adding brown sugar or cane sugar to granola. I prefer to only use pure maple syrup in mine. It cuts down on unnecessary added sugar in my opinion. Why do we feel the need to add so much extra sugar to our foods???? Let’s make it a goal to decrease sugar intake in any way we can for 2018! Trust me you won’t miss it!

Let me know in the comments what combinations you enjoy when you make your granola? I’m craving blueberries lately so I think my next granola will have dehydrated blueberries in it! Yum!

Have a wonderful week and don’t forget to connect with me across social media!


Healthy Cashew Bites!

I posted a quick and easy recipe on my new YouTube channel. I’m new to video creation and editing. It was a lot more difficult than I thought but I’m learning slowly.

I thought I’d share this easy recipe with you because I find it’s awesome to take while on the go!

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What will you bring forth into 2018?

My hope is that everyone here is more interactive for the new year! Let’s learn from each other as well as support one another’s health and wellness goals! By commenting more we are encouraging and learning from one another.

With that being said here’s a question for you all. What’s one thing that you would like to continue doing into the new year because you feel it’s helping you on your health and wellness journey?

My daughter made a comment to me earlier about how I need to start juicing more often again. Apparently my mood and health are greatly affected by incorporating this into my routine. I can’t believe the kids notice this! This was a reminder of how our kids really do pay attention to us. Even teens! l already knew I feel better by juicing but after hearing how I’m a happier person when I do, it pretty much confirmed it for me.

So juicing will continue on into the new year with me obviously and I plan on being more active in my FB juicing group. Please feel free to join me there too at Juicing with VeganMommyDee.

Share what you plan on continuing doing into 2018. Maybe it’s a certain veggie that has increased your energy, workout routine, incorporating meditation in your day or a supplement you swear by. Whatever it is, if it’s working for you and you feel great keep it up! It’s exciting when you find something that works!

Have a fantastic week & Cheers to our Wellness!

Celebrate The Little Victories!

I find it so important to for us to celebrate the little victories we achieve along our health and wellness path. It’s a long and sometimes quite difficult path with tons of hurdles along the way.

Once you achieve one set of goals a challenge in your life can sometimes set you one step behind on your journey. It’s life and guess what? It’s gonna happy people!

What if instead of always focusing on the negative aspect of our set backs we actually looked at the positive decisions we’ve made lately. The ones where we decided to only have one treat at the holiday party instead of sampling every single one. Even the ones your aren’t even into. Yep those could of somehow got on your plate too. You made the decision to treat yourself and you deserve it but you also decided to be reasonable with those choices.

Focus on rocking those positive decisions instead of beating yourself up about indulging in that holiday dessert. In my personal experience allowing yourself a “cheat meal” or “cheat dessert” is actually a good thing. You work hard on your wellness journey and it’s nice to enjoy a treat every once in a while.

That doesn’t mean your gonna turn it into a cheat day in the sense that every meal will be a health junkies nightmare! Let’s be real people! A treat and binging are two totally different things.

I say enjoy your holiday parties and festivities. Enjoy something that makes your heart sing and don’t feel guilty about it. Remember to focus on all the positive choices you also made that day and how amazing you are.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Throw Away that Scale!

Don’t define yourself by the numbers on your scale! Focus on your Health and Wellness and toss those negative thoughts that creep up throughout your Wellness journey!

I really hate scales because people obsess about getting to that “perfect” weight. Throw away the scale and focus on setting daily goals to bring you to where you want to be. Try letting your clothes and how your feeling in them guide you along the way. Let your energy and mood be an indication of how well your doing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Enjoy your time with your loved ones and take a moment to reflect upon all your thankful for. I have loads to be thankful this year.

My amazing family who is always a constant support to me. My kids have been phenomenal for me as I heal after my surgery. They have helped with the baby and given me a hand for weeks. I’m a very lucky mommy.

I’m lucky to have a wonderful hubby who has basically been super daddy day and night tending to the little one. Life is starting to get back to normal now that I’m on the mend. This was just a reminder of what I already knew. My family rocks!

My friends are the kind that pretty much have become true family. Long term friendships are rare to have. I’m lucky enough to say they’ve known my friends since childhood and they still put up with me. 😉 When life gets tough and you start to loose yourself, friends like these lift you up and support each other.

What are you thankful for this year? Even if it’s not your Thanksgiving today, drop a comment below anyway. After all everyday is a chance to be thankful for something.

Now it’s time for me to go stuff myself silly with the family. Healthy choices of course for me. Well that is until the dessert comes out! LOL Today I will indulge in those goodies and not feel guilty about it. Tomorrow will be a new day where my nutrition will be on point and all will be well.

Life is about creating balance so you can truly enjoy it to its fullest!

Pretty Beetiful Juice!

I starting juicing last year and I can honestly say I can’t live without it now. I feel better overall by incorporating it into my diet. I have more energy, clear mind and my skin even looks healthier! I feel good about knowing I’m protecting my body from disease and that I’m supporting my body by providing instant nutritional content.

I tend to use beets in a lot of my juice because it’s very cleansing for the liver.I juice larger quantities because I make enough for my hubby and I to enjoy. You could reduce the quantities if your only making juice for yourself or take the extra on the go with you to enjoy. My 16 month old is also now drinking some as well which makes me thrilled. The only juice he drinks is the freshly juiced veggies that I make.

A lot of people have asked me if I could post my juicing recipes so I’ll be doing that from now on if people find it helpful. I also have a juicing group on FB that I post in and anyone who is interested is welcome to join in! Look up VeganMommyDee’s Juicing Crew.

Here’s my recipe for my latest juice that I posted today.

Pretty Beetiful Juice:

  • 2 Large Beets
  • 1 Large lemon
  • 1 bunch of kale
  • 4 Large carrots
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 small apples

Chop up your veggies and fruit. Add the veggies in any order you like, pour your juice into a pitcher and give it mix. I tend to save some carrots for the end because it pushes any extra juice completely out of my machine. You can use any of your favourite apples in any of my recipes. I tend to use Granny Smith apples the most because they work so well with every veggie juice I’ve made.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Stay healthy!