The Universe is trying to tell us something!

Everyday the Universe is sending us messages and signs. It’s up to us to act upon or reflect on them. Think about all the times you were shown in different ways signs. Maybe it was something which you felt had to be done, a place you felt you had to go to, a person you had to call or an item you needed to purchase. There is always a reason for everything and nothing is a coincidence.

Pictured above is a little canvas I bought today. It’s new home is my home office nook upon my desk. I’m all about Tribe building and creating a community of like minded people at this time in my life.

I literally saw this canvas on three separate shopping trips in completely random places in the store. I thought it was kinda cool seeing it the first time. I liked what was printed on it but decided I didn’t need it. I’m trying to cut down on buying unnecessary items these days. On this first shopping trip this canvas was in the small appliance area. Weird I know. I guess it was left there by someone second guessing it, followed their gut and left it behind.

On the second visit it was in the home decor area. I thought it was nice seeing it again even though some time had passed. I admired it and it’s message but still left it behind.

On the third occasion I found it because I took a short cut through the store to the craft supplies area. I walked by a clearance rack. There it was again! I literally stopped in my tracks. ” Ok Universe I’m listening now! I will take it home with me today.” It’s meant to be mine and it’s message is exactly what I’ve been doing. It’s now happily in my work and study space.

I don’t know why I question signs sometimes. This is a reminder to me to just be open to the daily signs that come forth and reflect on them. What are they trying to tell me? What am I meant to be doing?

What’s your take on universal messages? I’d love to hear any of your experiences in the comments below!