Simple Veggie Stir-fry!

On days where I really have no idea what to cook for lunch or dinner I make stir-fry. I always have veggie’s on hand so it’s something I can whip up at any time. All you need is any type of veggies you have, garlic, onion, and veggie broth (optional). I like to serve my veggie’s on top of some brown rice. The brown rice takes a while to cook so I get that on the stove before I start prepping my veggies for the stir-fry. By the time the veggies are cooked your rice is ready too! Yum!

Veggie Stir-fry

  1. Chop up any veggies you have on hand. I like to use a variety of mushrooms, zuccini, bell peppers, sugar snaps, peas, and carrots (I like to chop baby carrots in  half length wise).
  2. Chop up 1/2 of a large onion and as much Garlic as you like (I use about 7 cloves)
  3. Heat 2 tbsp of Coconut Oil & 2 tbsp of Olive Oil in a large saute pan or wok
  4. Add onion and saute for a minute and then throw in the chopped up garlic. Cook for a couple minutes.
  5. Now add the carrots and cook for a couple minutes. Add the rest of the veggies.
  6. Throw in a splash of veggie broth or  just add in a splash of water if you don’t have broth.
  7. Add a splash of naturally brewed soy sauce
  8. Season to taste. I like to add touch of Himalayan salt (not too much if you added the soy sauce), black pepper, dry oregano, & fresh parsley from my garden.
  9. Sometimes I also like to add a little splash of white wine too if I have some on hand.
  10. Cook for a few minutes. I like my veggies on the more crisp side so I don’t like to cook them very long.


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