What will you bring forth into 2018?

My hope is that everyone here is more interactive for the new year! Let’s learn from each other as well as support one another’s health and wellness goals! By commenting more we are encouraging and learning from one another.

With that being said here’s a question for you all. What’s one thing that you would like to continue doing into the new year because you feel it’s helping you on your health and wellness journey?

My daughter made a comment to me earlier about how I need to start juicing more often again. Apparently my mood and health are greatly affected by incorporating this into my routine. I can’t believe the kids notice this! This was a reminder of how our kids really do pay attention to us. Even teens! l already knew I feel better by juicing but after hearing how I’m a happier person when I do, it pretty much confirmed it for me.

So juicing will continue on into the new year with me obviously and I plan on being more active in my FB juicing group. Please feel free to join me there too at Juicing with VeganMommyDee.

Share what you plan on continuing doing into 2018. Maybe it’s a certain veggie that has increased your energy, workout routine, incorporating meditation in your day or a supplement you swear by. Whatever it is, if it’s working for you and you feel great keep it up! It’s exciting when you find something that works!

Have a fantastic week & Cheers to our Wellness!

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