It’s Water Challenge Time!

I posted a simple water Challenge on my FB page in order to encourage others to stay hydrated. My hope is that it helps others and reminds them to drink up and get at least the minimum your body requires daily.

I myself drink 3 L of water per day because for me that’s how much I need to feel at my optimal health. If I drink less then I sometimes get a headache, my mind is foggy, irritable and my energy level is terribly low.

How much water each individual person requires will vary because of things like your weight and activity level. If your a coffee drinker then it dehydrates you as well. You then have to drink more water to replenish the body. This is part of the reason why I drink a lot of water. I can’t give up my coffee, sorry!

Follow my super simple Water challenge below and modify as needed. I also think the Notes or Reminder app’s on our phone is a great to remind us to drink more water. If you use your Notes app you can checkmark the glasses as you enjoy them. The reminders app will go off as an alarm at specific times to get you drinking until you’ve accomplished your goals.

Now that we’re enjoying summer weather in my neck of the woods it’s pretty easy to drink above and beyond what’s minimally required. As we enjoy this beautiful weather our bodies will need more water and we really need to be cautious of becoming dehydrated.

If your not a huge water fan the mom in me wants to say tough and you will get used to it. Your health comes first. I will also add these easy tips however. Add lemon, cucumber slices, berries or fresh mint to naturally flavour your water. Just don’t ever drink those packaged water flavourings that are loaded with sugar and chemicals! Use real food to flavour your water if need be.

Good luck with the Water Challenge everyone! Let me know if you’ve increased your water intake and any tips you have.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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