Healthy Energy Balls!

Good morning everyone!

I just wanted to share my easy to make Energy Ball recipe with you all! I’ll include the link to the video below as well.

I love having easy to whip up snacks handy! Especially now during the holiday season! We’re in a rushed state between shopping, holiday gatherings and our usual daily hustle. Its easy to reach for unhealthy snack options during this time. Keep staple ingredients at home so you can create healthier options in no time at all. The temptations will be there by the truck load. Its fine to indulge with loved ones on homemade goodies but lets try and create some balance.

Here is a super easy to make recipe for Energy Balls. Take something like this with you to holiday get togethers or just keep them in your fridge in case you need a treat to serve people. You don’t even have to bake these delicious Energy Balls! I told you this takes no time at all!

The recipe is in the link below … Enjoy! 😀

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Have a wonderful week!!! Let’s work towards a healthier more vibrant version of ourselves!

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