Berry Bake Goodness!

Hi everyone! Happy Monday!

I just wanted to share another easy recipe with you all. I posted a quick little video on YouTube for this super easy recipe!

This recipe for my healthy Berry Bake has simple ingredients that many of us have on hand. I’m a mom of five and I can’t stand fussy recipes with loads of ingredients that are hard to find! It takes me 5 minutes to throw all the ingredients together for this Berry Bake! Those are the kind of recipes I need in my life! I’m sure you will appreciate them if you’re pressed for time with your busy schedule too.

I listed all the ingredients and quantities in the YouTube video description for you. You can also substitute chopped up fruit that you might need to use up instead of the berries. I pretty much tried every combination and everything has worked well. This is another reason why I make this Bake often. I can make sure I use up all my fruit, even if it’s not at its freshest. Nothing bothers me more than throwing good food in the trash! Let me know what fruit combinations you try in the comments below.

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Here’s a link to my video.


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