Simple Strategies To Get More Done!

Have you noticed how everyone is in super speed mode pretty much all of the time these days?

Everything has to get done on their Do Do List and it also has to be done perfectly. We feel like if we can’t get the huge list of things to do accomplished then surely something is wrong with us.

Studies have shown that we truly aren’t even breathing properly because of our rushed state of being. I feel like all we’re doing is making ourselves sick as well as creating a hectic environment around us for others.

If we sit down and really take a good look at our To Do List ,then we would see that not everything on our list has to be done right now. Let’s be real some things can wait! Prioritize properly and everything will get done.

So how do we figure out what’s most important and what should be priority? I’ve just implemented new strategies to help me stay focused and get me out of the frazzled state. Here are two easy ways we can organize our endless lists of important things to do daily or weekly.

1. Bullet Notes on your phone in your app.

2. Old School Date Book/Planner.

Yep bust out the old school Date Book/ Planner and write everything that’s important for the week. Then from that figure out what needs to be done daily to bring you closer to your goals. I’ve started using one and I love it! I organize things like bill payments and special activities or events that are coming up.

I use my bullet notes most often in my phone. I love how easy it is to add things to your daily list on the go! You check them off as you get things done and it gives you a clear idea of what still needs to be done without totally overwhelming you.

Along with your organizing tools here is another big tip that will help you accomplish your To Do List. Asking for help is the hardest thing ever for some people, myself included. I’m also so used to doing everything on my own which makes it difficult to honestly remember that I have people around me now that can help. My kids are older and better able to lend a hand and I have an amazing supportive partner. Guess what though? They aren’t psychic. I need to actually tell them I need a hand with things and delegate tasks to them. Not everything is as obvious to others as it is to you is what I’ve learned.

The thing is that we can do anything but we can’t do everything! We can accomplish everything we set out to do but we can’t do it all at the same time. We have to break tasks down and organize them accordingly. You will actually get way more done by slowing down and making notes. If you keep it all in your head like I used to, we easily get overwhelmed and scatterbrained. Less gets accomplished when we put ourselves in this state.

I’m in the process of moving to a bigger house and I’m going to look for another item which will organize our lives even more. I’m looking for a big dry/erase board so we can write what’s on the calendar weekly in the kitchen or entry area. Various things can be written down like Mom & Dads work schedules, shopping lists, kids tests etc. Comment down below this post if you know of good stores which might have what I’m looking for. I appreciate your input!

My three oldest kids have small weekly dry/erase boards in their room and they use these to keep my work schedule on and they add other important events as well. I work days, afternoons, and some weekends, 8 & 12 hour shifts which change weekly. This is Hospital life and it’s become the norm for my children. The kids can better prepare themselves for the week when they know my work schedule.

Let me know what helps you stay on track and organized. Let’s share tips so we can all breathe a litter easier while get things done. Happy Monday and I hope you have a fantastically productive week!

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